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Electrical Safety Inspection

The world and technology is always evolving and with that, electrical infrastructure continues to change right along with it. It is crucial to keep your business safe. Our company stays up-to-date with the NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code® (NEC®) which is the standard for electrical safety in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. 

What a Regular Electrical Inspection Means to You

All commercial structures should schedule an annual electrical inspection. Residential properties should be inspected during the purchase of a home, when a home is aged or when a home is undergoing a renovation. Electrical problems are the largest cause of property damage in the United States and it takes no time for an arc flash to cause a destructive fire. Stay safe by ensuring your property or work site is operating safely. 

Benefits of an electrical safety inspection

The most important benefit of an electrical safety inspection is protecting your employees or your family if a residential property. Other key benefits of an electrical  safety inspection include: 

Assurance that circuits aren't overloaded

Identifying weakened electrical circuits caused by wind or other weather events

Point out damaged wiring caused by pests

Identify areas that could reduce energy costs

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