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Electrical Troubleshooting

There are common electrical problems your business or home might face and come with different levels of danger:

No GFCI outlets | Danger Level: High due to increased risk of fatal electrocution in wet areas

Overlamping | Danger Level: High due to damage on the fixtures wiring which increases chances of arcing - a primary cause of electrical fires

Plugs Loose or Falling Out of Receptacle | Danger Level: High due to potential of arcing or fire

Flickering Lights and Intermittent Loss of Power | Danger Level: High due to tattered wiring posing risk of fire


Insufficient number of outlets | Danger level: High due to heavy reliance of extension cords. Can ignite fire if loads are too heavy and  extension cord is undersized

Aluminum Wiring Present | Danger Level : High due to corrosion when in contact with copper, potential of fire 

Uncovered Junction Box | Danger Level: Low as long as wires are out of reach

Overwired Panel | Danger level: Low but could cause challenges during a safety inspection of home or business

As you may be able to note, troubleshooting electrical problems and providing solutions can save yourself from dangerous or damaging situations. Allow our specialized electricians to provide assurance that your business, industrial facility or home are kept safe and running efficiently. 

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